• National High School Federation rules will be followed with the few exceptions listed below. 
  • Each player will be allowed a total of six (6) fouls before being disqualified. 
  • STOP CLOCK RULES  2nd -  5th grade will be played on two (2) twelve (12-) minute stop clock halves. 6th – 8th grade will be played on two (2) fourteen (14) Minutes stop clock halves. 9th - 11th grade (15u – 17u) will be played on two (2) fifteen (15) Minute stop clock halves. 
  • 1st overtime will be a two (2) minute period. 2nd overtime will be sudden death,  the first team to score at least two points will be declared the winner. 
  • There will be a running clock when a team is 20 points ahead.
  • Starting the 2nd half of play. Regular timing procedures will resume anytime that the point differential falls below the 15 point limit. 
  • Teams will be allowed to call one (1) thirty second time-out and one (1) full time-out per half  during the regulation game with one (1) additional thirty second time-out added for an overtime game. No Carry Overs.
  • There will be a minimum of a three (3) minute warm up period between games. There will be a minimum of a two (2) minute halftime for each game.
  • Coaches and team players are only allowed to sit on their designated team bench.
  • Coaches must wear colored event wristbands designated for Oklahoma Fadeaway Hoops Events. Coaches that are not in compliance with this rule will be removed from the bench by the game officials.
  • All teams are expected to arrive for games thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled start times. Score-books must be filled out and marked with starters before the official game time. If a team is not on the court at the scheduled game time an official forfeit will be declared If any team that is knowingly unable to make their scheduled game must notify the Tournament Director in advance. In bracket play, if a team cannot advance, the losing team advances as if they had won the previous game. 
  • Teams are allowed 10 minutes before a forfeit. 
  • Players will only be allowed to play for one team per division. Once a player plays in a game for one team, he will no longer be eligible to participate for any other teams in the division. A player is able to play for multiple teams in the tournament as long as the teams are not in the same division (grade) and the player must still fall under the divisions Basketball Eligibility grade base competition rules.
  • Players must be on the roster in order to play in bracket play.
  • Each team must bring your own basketballs to warm up with. 
  • A team will reach the 2 shot free throw bonus on their opponent’s 10th team foul of each half. There will be no one and one bonus on the opponent’s 7th team foul.
  • Teams must provide their own warm up basketballs. Officials will choose the game ball. BOYS - 1st grade uses a 27.5 (youth ball), 2nd - 6th grade uses a 28.5 size ball 7th - High School divisions uses a 29.5 (men’s) size ball. Girls - 1st grade girls use a 27.5 (youth ball), 2nd – High School uses 28.5 size basketball.
  • Home team is the first team listed in pool play or top team in bracket play, will wear the light colored jerseys and sit to the left of the scorekeeper facing the court. Visiting team is the second team listed or the bottom team in bracket play, will wear the dark colored jerseys and sit to the right of the scorekeeper facing the court. 
  • The clock/book keeper only allowed at the scores table. NO Spectators are allowed at this table. No additional books or personnel at this table.
  • There is no checking of book by non- participants during the game.
  • Clock/book keeper will be supplied by Oklahoma Fadeaway Hoops.
  •  Maximum points for a win or a loss is 20 points.
  •  PRESSING 1st grade Division pressing is allowed but must get back after a 10-point lead. 2nd – High School Pressing is allowed but have to get back after a 20-point lead. 
  • Free Throws Girls 2nd grade and below can shoot inside the free throw line. Boys 1st grade can shoot inside the free throw line. 3rd grade and below must shoot behind the free throw line but can fall in front of it after the shot without it being a violation.

                                                        TIE BREAKER FOR POOL PLAY   

  1. Head to Head - This breaks ties based on the record (or points, if points are used) against the teams tied with. For example if 3 teams have the same overall record at 4-2 and all 3 of the teams played each other an equal number of times and one teams record against the other two was 2-0 and another was 1-1 and the other was 0-2. This tie breaker would order them accordingly. If all three teams had identical 1-1 records, this tie breaker would not be used. 
  2. Point Diff -  The differential tie breaker determines the total difference between a teams score versus their opponents. The largest differential wins the tie breaker. 
  3. Points Allowed -  The total of a teams opponents score. The smallest total wins the tie breaker. 
  4. Points Scored -  The total of a teams score. The higher total wins the tie breaker. 



Coaches can only protest a player on the opposing team before the start of the game. If a protest is taken place the coach must advise the ref of the protest who will than get the gym coordinator to verify documents needed. There is a $100 protest fee that is paid with CASH ONLY (no credit cards accepted) that is non-refundable unless the opposing team is caught playing with a player outside of our eligibility requirements. To verify a players eligibility coaches must have a copy of the players report card and birth certificate- NO EXCEPTIONS. If this information is not available the player in question will not be eligible to participate for the remainder of the tournament until the paperwork is provided to the site director.

Coaches, players, parents and those attending event must be good sports and have proper conduct. Swearing & bad language will not be tolerated. Site Directors have the option to remove anyone from the tournament.